Processing and Quality
Entire area within the factory wall is concreted to prevent windblown dust. The yard has drainage facilities as per the highest norms. The building is of a size and design to facilitate proper maintenance and easy sanitation operation. There is sufficient space for storage of equipment’s. Areas for raw material receiving, Ice production, Pre-processing, processing, freezing, packing and storing are well segregated to avoid cross-contamination. Sufficient work space spaces are provided in each section.
The unloading platform is raised with sides and top sufficiently protected to prevent contamination while unloading raw material. Chute doors are fixed to prevent unwanted entries while transferring the material into the raw material receiving room. Air curtains and fly killers are fixed to prevent entry of files when the door is opened. On receiving, raw material is thoroughly checked by the supervisor for quality, icing, temperature, foreign matters or any other non-essential ingredients. The plant design and handling allows to keep material away from any biological, chemical or physical hazards. Time and temperature control is strictly adhered to at each and every step of processing the material.
Two chill rooms have been provided, one for chill storing of raw material and the other for chill storing of pre-processed material. These rooms are equipped with machineries for maintaining the temperature below 40deg C . Digital thermometers are installed for monitoring the temperature. The interior of the plant which includes the raw material section, chill rooms, pre-processing sections, processing sections, freezing section and packing section have ceilings which are concreted, flat, washable and without any projections. Two cold storages are present at the factory, one

in line with product flow having a capacity of 80 MT and the other having a capacity of 650MT.
80 MT and the other having a capacity of 650MT have been provided in the factory. The 80 MT store is intended for stacking daily production cases and the other one is for bulk storage. Cold stores have chute doors opening to the respective anterooms

A separate packing room is provided adjacent to the freezing room. Adhesive tapes and equipments of international quality are used for packing. Packing materials are stored in a separate carton room which has two chute doors, one for conveying cartons into the packing room and the other bringing in new carton to prevent accumulation of dust. Exhaust fan and rat traps are provided here.
The quality assurance department regularly checks the raw materials, products and products source for presence of any harmful bacteria. Samples are drawn from raw material and from finished product and are subjected to microbiological analysis by qualified and trained personnel in the in-house laboratory.